ALLAH: God of Nature

Name of ALLAH (Arabic = اللہ) Naturally Written and Spoken by Natural Creatures

God of Nature's Divine Signatures


Among the thousands of gods of thousands of religions in the world, in the 21st century, only one God "Allah" has revealed his name by writing it through nature and calling it through their mouth, which is a practical and sure proof that there is no other God except Allah otherwise all gods of non-Muslims should be able to stop Allah from writing and calling his name through his natural creatures.

Praise belongs to Allah. He will show you His signs, then you will recognize them.” And your Lord is not unaware of what you do. - Quran 27.93

Divine Witness for Allah (God)

There is no magic, sorcery, spiritual power, illusion, video editing effect, deception, or any other trick used for these videos. We strive to bring real miracles that are scattered across the world. We share real miracles from different sources under one roof in a structured and organized format. We give you Supermarket where you get everything under one roof so it is a place where different miracles are displayed for the truth seekers.

Allah's purity has been proclaimed by all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth, and He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise. - Quran 61.1

Divine Signatures of Allah (God)

These are real miracles through which you will witness name of Allah naturally written through various natural creatures without any human intervention.

We will show them Our signs in the universe and within their own beings until it will become manifest to them that it is the truth. Is it not enough about your Lord that He is witness to everything? - Quran 41.53

Divine Signatures of Muhammadﷺ (Prophet)

These are real miracles through which you will witness name of Prophet Muhammadﷺ naturally written through various natural creatures without any human intervention and this is done by Allah the Creator of everything for proving that Muhammadﷺ is the last Prophet of Islam.

Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah - Quran 48.29

Questions / Objections / Criticism

Our gods do not need to depend on such things to prove themselves, they exist and help us, only your Allah need to prove Himself through writing His name

This is a very illogical claim by those who believe in existence of many gods. Since their imaginary gods cannot practically write their names through nature by taking away control from Allah therefore they feel helpless and make such claim as an execuse to hide the fact that they are feeling defeated and their imaginary gods don't really exist to support their false beliefs.

Many animals, birds and beasts make sounds like humans and also speak some English words so there is no miracle in nature for speaking name of Allah

It is not a matter of strange sounds, nor it is a matter of calling or teaching a few words of English, Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, etc., which have been taught or trained by human beings. The point is that God in the universe, through His power and might, is controlling everything and He commands His creatures to speak His name then they do so.

Similarly, when Allah intends to write His name then His name appears in physical world through various objects that Allah has designed and created by His ultimate knowledge of creation thus nature did not recite name of man-made gods who were invented by non-Muslims so so it is understandable using common sense that if Allah did not exist then Allah should not be able to demonstrate such miracle either just like all false gods of non-Muslims.

All Creatures & Powers Belong to ALLAH (اللہ)

If these proofs are so miraculous and powerful, then why don't most Muslims preach Islam through them?

Because those Muslims consider calling to Islam only through the books and scriptures, not through practical miracles and clear observable proofs while we know that Quran is NOT considered as true words of God near non-Muslims threrefore we do not use Quran and Hadith as "proof" rather as "reference" to support those "miracles" which Allah performs and demonstrates through "nature", hope this makes sense to you?

Even if not then we will keep inviting non-Muslims to Islam through neutral, natural, practical and observable miracles of Allah because know there is no non-Muslim on planet earth who can ever refute these miracles in any court of the world thus these natural miracles are 100% absolute irrefutable forever by the Mercy of ALLAH (اللہ)

If this proves to be true, then non-Muslims can show such natural creatures of their gods

Then show us, and bring your proofs if you are truthful - can you? No, you can never do it and same goes to every non-Muslim of the planet earth thus accept the Kingdom of Allah and surrender your ego to bow down to ALLAH the Glorious King of Universe.

Our gods are more powerful than Allah

Prove it by bringing their creatures who are speaking their names and their physical bodies have their names only written by them without any human intervention but you can never do it because there is no God except Allah.

There is no Allah

If there is no Allah then how only Allah practically demonstrated His name through nature and failed all gods of non-Muslims?

This is fake, illusion or magic

Prove your claim if you are truthful.

Our Questions to Non-Muslims

  1. If there are other gods beside Alah who control the universe then why did they fail to stop Allah from controling natural creatures to speak and recite his name?

  2. If Allah is not the true God, then how can He write and demonstrate his name through nature?

  3. If there are many gods with Allah then why could not they write and demonstrate their own names through nature too?

  4. If Allah could write and show His name through nature then why all gods of non-Muslims could never do it?


Allah has practically proved in the 21st century that there is no God except Him and Muhammadﷺ is His final and last Prophet forever while no false god of any non-Muslim could ever do it for himself and for his follower like Allah has done ultimately.

Allahu Akbar (اللہ اکبر)