About Rightful Religion

By the Mercy of ALLAH (اللہ)

In 2009, this website was launched as a blog based on research work of Neutral Muslim Scholar and Spiritual Doctor of Incurable Diseases, Moulana Abrar Alam Pakistani to prove there is no God except Allah, Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) is the last messenger, Quran is the final Holy Book and Islam is the only true religion.

Time to time, this website has been upgraded and much of his research work has been summarized into well organized proper sections and also published in various formats, such as: e-books, e-courses, blog posts, etc.

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Who is Allah?
  • The True God
  • The Divine King
  • The Sole Authority
  • The Guardian
  • The Majestic
  • The Originator
  • The Oft-Forgiver
  • The Judge
  • The All-Knowing
  • The Preserver
  • The Generous
  • The Glorious
  • The Resurrector
  • The Absolute Truth
  • The All-Strong
  • The Praiseworthy
  • The Restorer
  • The Giver of Life
  • The Bringer of Death
  • The Destroyer
  • The All-Unique
  • The Eternal
  • The Avenger
  • The Master of Kingdom
  • The Light of Heavens
  • The Patient
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