Volunteer for ALLAH (اللہ)

Whether you are a reporter, journalist, tv anchor, host of any program, computer professional, copy writer, designer or digital marketer, there are many different ways for you to get started on the Mission of Allah (اللہ) Muhammad (محمد)

Spiritual Services: Powered by ALLAH (اللہ)

Here is How You Can Do It

Demonstrate Miracles

Show them miracles of Allah through whatever resources you have in your life to let them use their brain and common sense and enter in Islam by taking their own decision.


Clear Doubts

Educate them about miracles of Allah by answering to their questions on social media or in your local community to clear their doubts.


Translate Research

Translate our research in multiple languages and share with them to bring awareness about truth of religion Islam through nature.

Feed Hungers

Feed hungry humans (muslims and non-muslims), animals, birds, insects and other creatures.



Cleanse Them

Teach cleanliness to non-Muslim children and tell them about Islam.

Provide Living

Share with them your living space so they can be thankful to Allah and love Islam and see Muslim brotherhood.


Live Stream

Start live streaming miracles of Allah through nature to all the people of the world using your resources.

Defend Islam

Counter the enemies of Islam through natural miracles of Allah so that they may enter in Islam with conviction.


Prepare Children

Educate your children on truth of Islam through nature so they can also become invincible Muslims.

Educate People

Educate poor people (muslims and non-muslims) of the world and help them earn enough money to survive

Supply Water

Give water to thirsty people, animals, birds, insects, plants and trees etc for the happiness of Allah.

Warn Disbelievers

Let the disbelievers know about fresh dead bodies and forever painful punishment by Allah.


What Else You Can Do?

TV Anchors / Hosts / Journalists / Reporters / Social Activists / Public Speakers / Muslim Scholars / Teachers

You can share our research with the world freely without asking any of our permission (no credit is required from anyone - completely copyright free 100%)

IT Professionals / Graphic Designers / Web Developers / Video Editors / Writers / Marketers / Film Makers / SEO Experts

You are free to promote our research through graphical banners, logo designs, flyers, infographics, movies, short films, whiteboard animations, voice over stories, cinematic documentaries, creative articles, youtube channels, blogs etc to help convey the message on truth of religion Islam with the world.

Website Owners, Shop Owners, Brand Owners, Business Owners

You can use banners, flyers, printed papers, pamphlets, printed books, image galleries, etc to share our research through various mediums.

Investors, Millionaires, Billionaires

You can advertise and promote our research in all over the world in any languages of the world through whatever method or platform they feel suitable to fulfill the Mission of Allah and Prophet Muhammadﷺ