ALLAH is God of Nature

Section about natural creatures speaking name of Allah and natural things (animals, birds, insects, trees etc) with name of Allah naturally written on them.

Allah the God of Nature
Life After Death

Life After Death with Fresh Dead Bodies

Section about fresh dead bodies of those Muslim Martyrs who are preserved from decay and also have fresh blood in their bodies by the Command of Allah.

Shah Yaqeeq Baba the Spiritual Surgeon Soul

Section about the Soul of a 19 years old young boy from Thatta city of Pakistan who was martyred in 1451 and since then his soul has been doing healing and treatment of incurable patients by the Power, Permission and Command of Allah.

Shah Yaqeeq Baba
Moulana Abrar Alam

Moulana Abrar Alam the Spiritual Wireless Doctor

Section about a Muslim Saint from Karachi city of Pakistan who has been healing and treating incurable patients spiritually and remotely through his prayers, almsgiving, charities etc by the Power & Command of Allah.