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Bernadette Incorrupt Dead Body - Truth Revealed (National Geographic)

Bernadette - National Graphic's research proved that incorrupt dead bodies are not fresh or flexible, have no blood inside. They are corrupted or chemicalized/embalmed by human intervention. URL: Our Research: According to our research, there is NOT even a single fresh dead body of any Non-Muslim in the world with blood without any chemicals used since the prophethood of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Differences between Fresh Dead Bodies of Muslims and Incorruptible Dead Bodies of Non-Muslims: * Incorruptible/Corrupt Dead Bodies of Non-Muslims - No flexible dead bodies like an alive human - No fresh dead bodies like an alive human - No fresh blood inside - Chemicals, Embalming or other methods used - Human actions were used to show them like fresh * Fresh Dead Bodies of True Muslims - Flexible dead bodies like an alive human - Fresh dead bodies like an alive human - Fresh blood inside - No chemical used - Preserved in fresh condition with fresh blood by the God 'Allah' Source:


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