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Fresh Dead Body with Fresh Blood of Yaseen al-Hamayi

This is his 6th day and he is still bleeding and you know this is from Friday night. Masha'Allah! he is still making the testimony with his index finger in this cold weather, even the water freezes and Masha'Allah, the brother is as if he is sleeping, even the colour of the skin is still natural. Abu Huthayfah the Jodanian, his name was Yaseen al-Hamayi. I placed him inside the grave with my hands after the time of 'Isha (night prayer) the weather was cold and I swear by Allah, that the heat from his body passed through my palms, the weather was cold, and he is being turned over in my hands and I uncovered his face to turn him towards the Qiblah (Mecca) and I witnessed light upon his face, after the night prayer (i.e it was dark) and this, I witness with my own eyes

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