1569     07/05/2016

Facebook Group 'Atheists in Reality vs Delusional' Blocked Us

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Today, we were banned on facebook group 'Facebook Group 'Atheists in Reality vs Delusional'. This group had  over 10000 members. We were active in that group for many days. No atheists were able to refute our proof. They were denying all our proofs by saying it is false. At the end, we asked them to come with media teams, doctors and researchers to see the fresh dead bodies of true Muslims with their own eyes, test and verify.

However, they become intransigent and acted like stubborn people. None of them except a Hindu (Rohit) were agreed to accept the truth of Islam by seeing fresh dead body with blood of a true Muslim.

Majority of atheists were not even able to answer our simple questions. They were crying, laughing, insulting, bashing but just not be able to refute at all our media reports from Muslim channels and newspapers as well.

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