Our Mission

1st, End the Differences of Religions:

Ending the differences of religions from the world that can end the underground religious wars and bomb blasts and then the love and unity will be possible among the mankind, without it, it will be impossible to establish the peace in the world forever.

2nd, Establish the One True Religion:

Establish the only one true religion near the God in the world so the religious wars will be ended from the world forever.

3rd, Solve problems of 75% mankind:

To serve the mankind by saving all money that is wasted on atom bombs, missiles and dangerous weapons to destroy mankind and spend that money to solve the problems of 75% mankind who do not even have basic necessity for their life.

Finally, Keep Follow the Right Path:

It is sure that there is another world here after so the mankind can also succeed in that world and be able to enter in the heaven by following the rightful and true religion near the God in the world.