Nature's Behavior Supports

Only One God Allah and Only One Religion Islam

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Miracles of ALLAH (اللہ)

Natural. Practical. Observable. Physical. Impartial. Irrefutable

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Creatures of Allah

Rightful Religion has many observable and natural miracles right in your browser. Newborn babies, animals, birds, insects, trees and more. Over 150 real video footages and natural miracles which are observable through your eyes. These are definitely best miracles ever!

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The Surgeon Soul

Rightful Religion's researched Muslim surgeon soul. Pakistan's official news sources and public evidences make this soul really trustable! Visit his shrine for cancer, brain damage, tumors, blindness, and much more to heal from your incurable diseases!

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Fresh Dead Bodies

Rightful Religion offers an amazing discovery about life after death. Explore the fresh dead bodies of good Muslims, preserved naturally without embalming, and witness the truth of religion Islam. This amazing research can also help for a Nobel prize in medical science!

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