Hajira Rohani Elaj Center

At Hajira Rohani Elaj Center, we aim to serve our customers for healing and curing their incurable diseases by the Power of ALLAH the God of Islam.

When I become sick, He heals me. (Holy Quran 26.80)

Our Spiritual Treatment Services:

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Now you can get your dead child back to life through Hajira Spiritual Treatment Center from the comfort of your home in the 21st century by the Power & Command of ALLAH (اللہ)

اب آپ گھر بیٹھے ہاجرہ روحانی علاج سینٹر کے ذریعہ اللہ کی طاقت اور حکم سے اپنا مردہ بچہ بھی دوبارہ زندہ کرواسکتے ہیں اکیسویں صدی میں اللہ کے فضل و کرم سے۔

Spiritual Treatment Results: Remotely & Wirelessly

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from 2pm to 11pm


Ali Town, Sikandar Goth, Karachi, Pakistan

Phone Numbers

+92 311 66 22 218

+92 318 21 02 489

+92 345 22 15 476

+92 333 21 00 668

FREE Spiritual Treatment Offer for Non-Muslims

If you are a non-muslim, seeking solution to heal and recover from your incurable health condition by becoming a Muslim then you can avail this offer immediately without wasting your time. Simply enter in Islam and send your proof of becoming a Muslim at the following numbers of Hajira Rohani Elaj Center. Once approved, your case will be registered for the FREE Spiritual Treatment by the Power of ALLAH (اللہ)

Make sure to provide following information with your message:

  • Full Name
  • Name of Parents
  • Area, City and Country Name
  • Contact / WhatsApp#
  • Witness of Two People of Your Living Area

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Hajira Spiritual Treatment Center in Karachi - Pakistan

Hajira Rohani Ilaj Centre in Karachi - Pakistan