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Practical Proofs on Every Child is Born as a Muslim

Written by Zeeshan Arshad

Many Muslim preachers know from the hadith that every child is born of nature and they believe in it without any evidence because it is a matter of the last prophet of Islam, Muhammadﷺ but when they try to preach to non-Muslims that every child is born on the nature of Islam, then non-Muslims refuse to accept their claim (some even try to make fun and insult them), because non-Muslims believe that their newborn babies are created by their gods and they're Hindus, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Qadianis and Shias etc.

When Muslims who preach in front of non-Muslims face critical questions on this claim, they fail to present practical proofs and on the contrary, they themselves get caught up in doubts and go to Muslim scholars of their respective sects with their questions.

But instead of satisfying them with practical evidences, they also respond in the traditional way, which does not give them complete conviction and heartfelt satisfaction because they don't see any practical proofs before them on the truth of the claim and then because of this, many Muslims themselves fall into the hands of the devil in further doubts regarding the authenticity of the hadith, so how can you convince non-Muslims that they were born Muslims?

For the satisfaction of the heart, it is necessary that if there is a claim, then the practical proof of it must be seen with the eyes, because it is not enough to say that every child is born on nature and it is hoped that more than five billion non-Muslims accept the claim and immediately believe that it is true.

When the Prophets claimed their prophethood, did not the people of their time ask them to perform miracles for the truth of their claim? And did not Abraham (peace be upon him) of Islam get the tranquility of his heart after seeing the resurrection of dead by the Command of Allahﷻ in front of his own eyes even though he was convinced that Allahﷻ can indeed raise the dead?

So remember that when you make a claim in front of non-Muslims, it is your responsibility to present the evidence before the non-Muslims and if you cannot present miraculous and invincible practical evidence before them on your claim then you will be proved to be a liar in your claim and at the same time such an act can cause you as well as disgrace and ridicule of Islam so be careful in your preaching and showing claims which you cannot prove with practical proofs, specially if that is related to challenging all the non-Muslims of the world for anything that you want.

Since the mindset of non-Muslims in their childhood got brainwashed by their parents that Allahﷻ is not the God of this universe and Muhammadﷺ is not the last prophet of Allahﷻ so they also don't accept the Qur'an as the words of God so why would they believe a claim related to hadith as true?

Therefore, if you want to convince non-Muslims one hundred percent that every child is born a Muslim, then it is imperative that you present your claim in front of non-Muslims with 100% impartial, 100% truthful and 100% credible witnesses. Let the innocent newborns who have come out of the womb give testimony about the God who created and gave them birth.

For example, if a newborn babies are coming out of their mother's womb automatically under the laws of nature, then they should testify to it in front of public, or if they're being created by any God in the womb of their mothers then newborn babies should testify, glorify and witness the name of their God with their own mouths so that with practically 100% certainty it will be revealed which religion they belong to in their mother's womb and which God is the owner, creator and authority of newborn babies.

If the children born from the mother's womb are testifying to Allahﷻ with their own mouths, then surely Islam will prove to be the religion of nature and the claim that the nature on which every child is born means only Islam. Yes, and what the Prophet Muhammadﷺ claimed will also be proved as 100% true and correct. And then it will also be proved true that all the claims made by Allahﷻ in the Qur'an about the creation of human beings 1400 years ago are 100% correct.

In such a case, Allahﷻ alone should be recognized as the true God and all the people of the world should enter the religion of Allahﷻ , Islam but if the newborn babies are testifying to the names of non-Muslim's deities such as Ram, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Hanuman, Vishnu or any other name, then the one testified by newborn babies should be recognized as the God and all the people of the world should adopt the religion of such deity. 

According to our investigation, the newborn babies, whenever they are invoking the name of any god, they are all invoking the name of only one God and they are not invoking the name of any other god. Newborns are testifying, glorifying and speaking the name of "Allahﷻ " only. 

See how many newborns are witnessing Allah's name with their mouths.

I have presented to you the observable practical evidences on the truth of claim which proved that the claim of the last prophet Muhammadﷺ of Allah is 100% true and also in the Qur'an, all the claims of Allahﷻ are also true.

So now if you want to tell all non-Muslims that every child is born with the nature of Islam, then present these practical proofs along with your claim while preaching to them so that when non-Muslims will see with their own eyes and hear that these newborn babies testifying about "Allahﷻ" with their mouths, they'll decide for themselves to either revert back to Islam or remain a disbeliever.

However, if they want to ask a question, you must try to answer their questions so that their doubts (taught by Satan) may be cleared from their minds by the Command of Allahﷻ because surely Allahﷻ gives guidance to whom He wills, so you just try your best and leave the result to Allahﷻ.

I believe that if the claim of Prophet Muhammadﷺ and the miracles performed by the Command of Allahﷻ through the mouth of newborn babies will be represented in front of all non-Muslims around the world through TV channels, seminars, webinars, online sessions, live stream by utilizing available digital and offline resources then many non-Muslims can revert back to Islam by the Command of Allahﷻ and His special grace.

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