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Can all animals say Allah or is it only certain ones?

Written by Zeeshan Arshad

This question was asked here where a puppy is speaking and reciting only the name of Allahﷻ

Here is my answer regarding it.

Only specific creatures of nature (for example; newborn babies, dogs, cows, roosters, lions, cats, etc) will speak and recite the name of only Allahﷻ continuously for several seconds to even minutes without any human intervention, training and manual work because it will always be done exclusively by Allahﷻ (God) who is their creator and controller of the universe.

Since there is no God except Allahﷻ therefore imaginary gods cannot control creatures of nature by their own power and command to allow them speak and recite only their name without any human intervention, training and manual work.

Here is a video proof where you can see how a Non-Muslim is manually trying on a dog to allow speaking English word 'i love you'.

Muslims didn't provide manual training to neutral creatures of nature who recited only the name of Allahﷻ but you'll find many people in the world who try to provide manual training to various creatures of nature say a few words but obviously it is very common thing and cannot be declared and called neutral and practical irrefutable proof on truth of God of such religion.

Allahﷻ is real God of the universe therefore only He could practically demonstrate his control through His creatures of nature by controlling them to speak and recite only the name of Allahﷻ by the power of Allahﷻ in the 21st century of modern science & technology in front of real public with camera and mic.

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