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Is denial of the existence of gods any more scientific than belief in the existence of gods? Why?

Written by Zeeshan Arshad

Denying God has nothing to do with science but with stupidity that a human being is so deprived of using such intellect that he sees a robot made by human hands in 21st century but seeing his own being, he denies the creator.

If God's denial were really scientific, he would not be so ignorant when he gained scientific knowledge of his body.
As far as many gods are concerned, if there were many gods, the system of the universe would have been destroyed due to the wars between their army of neutral creatures in the heavens and earth.

Now why is it that human beings fight among themselves?
The reason for this is stated by the true and last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) sent by God and his God Allah has proved his existence in the 21st century by showing his authority over nature and through open observable miracles that the real God is only Allah. The only true religion is Islam and the only true Holy book is Qur'an.

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Even after knowing these unbiased proofs, if one believes in many gods other than Allah or denies existence of Allah as the only God and creator, he will be a mouth-watering proof of his own folly and ignorance.

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