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Allah is The Truth That Cannot Be Disproved Anymore

Written by Zeeshan Arshad

For thousands of years in the world, for many centuries, many human beings have made gods of their favorite names and worshiped them.

In the 21st century, the age of modern science and technology, Allah the Mighty King of the universe demonstrated his observable, neutral, natural and invincible miracles in the real world, by which Allah proved practically 100% by His own power and might and control that only Allah´Ě╗ is the God who runs and controls the universe and there is no other god except him, and there is no other god with him, nor does he have a son, nor does he have a daughter or wife.

Because a lot of people in the world used to ask questions such as; if there is a God, where is he? If there is a God, why doesn't He give any proof of His existence? If there is a God, why doesn't He show us an open miracle? If there is a God, then how do you know which is the true God in so many religions?

In the 21st century, Allah practically proved through nature that He is real living God, Creator and controller of the universe that no non-Muslim in the world can disprove in any court through nature.

The existence of Allah can no longer be proved wrong by presenting at least as many practical proofs as are present on our website (www.RightfulReligon.com) by the special grace of Allah.

It is also not possible for any human being in the world to be able to challenge our neutral, natural, observable and invincible Army of Allah in any court of the world and prove them wrong to disprove existence of Allah and prove the existence of imaginary gods so it is an impossible task to do so forever by the mercy of Allah Almighty.

We are very thankful to Allah Almighty that all this has been made possible in the 21st century by His help that He has performed such open observable miracles that the common sense is stunned while imaginary gods of non-Muslims could not perform such open miracles in the 21st century by merely using their powers and might through the neutral creatures of nature in the heavens and the earth.

Now all the human beings in the world should use their common sense and ponder in solitude in which darkness they are going astray from their true God Allah?

And now all the Muslims of the world should also invite all the non-Muslims in the world to Islam through the impartial, physical, solid and miraculous proofs based on our research through nature so that they can get out of their misguided error and can be saved from going into hell forever by the grace of Allah if they will use their common sense.


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