11/04/2021     366

Is the cow a god in Hinduism?

Written by Zeeshan Arshad

ou’ll hear statements such as “In Hinduism EVERYTHING is God” from Hindu religious leaders and they do consider Cows a God.

Are cows really God or creatures created by a God?

If we see in real world then we find that cows don’t agree with people who worship them as gods instead cows witness someone else as their God.

Here are some cows footages from real world — telling which God cows worship among all the names told about the God by religious leaders.

These cows did not witness name of gods/goddess such as Ram, Krishna, Vishnu, Ganesha, Jesus Christ, Moses, Ezra, Zeus, Thor, etc but only the name of Allah without any human intervention. 
And Allah is the name of who Muslims in all over the world worship and claim as the only true God.
So in the light of cows witnesses it is clear that they also worship Allah and cows are actually Muslims and their natural religion is Islam.

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