10/31/2021     326

Can humanity take over religion?

Written by Zeeshan Arshad

No, because there cannot be humanity without having ONE authority and applying his rules and regulations over all human beings.

Therefore, first all human beings must agree upon the first step with certainty whether there is a God or not.

If there is no God and all gods are fabricated then apply atheism to all over the world through one world government just like it is done for the issue of corona virus.

Since it has been practically in action it means that human beings can perform the same act for the disease of religions and killing in the name of many gods.

However, if a God is discovered through practical and solid physical proofs then the whole world should enter in religion of such God and atheism religion should also be diminished forever.

There can be one authority whether God (if proven) or one world government based on pure 100% neutral human beings beyond any religion (which is impossible anyway since most human beings lie and favor their own version of God and religion)

But in the end, humanity cannot take over religion but true religion can take over human beings with humanity and teachings followed by the rules of true God (not possible with atheists at least)

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