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How did Mohammad get so many followers?

Written by Zeeshan Arshad

Muhammadﷺ has 1.9 billion followers all over the world without any social media account because Allah is helping him for his mission to prevail Islam over all religions of man made gods and his followers will keep increasing by Allah.

Allah is name of God who created you and sent into this world. He controls this world and writes his signature through nature.

Here is Proof

What you see above is a tree in Pakistan with branches which were transformed by Allah into his signature in Arabic as للہ

The Arabic word للہ (Lillah)

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Here is real world original footage (No photoshop, No CGI, No After-Effect, etc) with my answer to “How Has God Revealed Himself through Nature?”

So this is why Prophet Muhammadﷺ is getting more and more number of followers by the command and help from Allah for his mission of true religion Islam — the more people will use their common sense the more they’ll start entering in Islam after seeing this miracle of Allah in real world.
Followers of imaginary gods may try to deceive you by showing some symbols, shapes, photoshop images but they can never show you name of their imaginary gods written by themselves in real world through nature by their own powers with real footage from real world with their own speaking face and its location like I have practically demonstrated in my answer with practical physical proof and miraculous tree created by Allah in Pakistan.
Hope this makes sense to you, if you're a wise truth seeker then I invite you to accept truth of Islam and become a Muslim by the mercy of Allah.

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