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Can Krishna be a prophet of Allah?

Written by Zeeshan Arshad

Allah has finalized this decision for Muhammadﷺ that He will not appoint and pick anyone after him as a prophet no matter what, it is the final decision of Allah forever.

Which is why Muhammadﷺ had to inform the people of this world that “If there was a prophet after me, then it would be Umar.

Krishna does not fall into even category in the companion of Muhammadﷺ the last prophet of Allah then how can he be better than Umar?

Umar is the second caliph of the Muslims, father-in-law of Muhammadﷺ and one of the most important figures in the history of Islam.

Further, in the 21st century of modern science and technology, Allah does not write the name of Krishna through nature but instead He wrote His own name in Arabic اللہ and name of his last prophet Muhammadﷺ in Arabic محمد

Therefore, Krishna cannot be a prophet of Allah.

Can you show us name of Krishna written by Allah through nature?

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