08/22/2021     367

Why does Hinduism have 36 crore (360 million) gods but other religions worship a limited number of gods?

Written by Zeeshan Arshad

Because human beings who invented religion Hinduism centuries ago created concept of 36 crore (360 million) gods and same goes to other religions who created concepts of many other gods whether limited or more than two.

A God should never be dependent on human beings in order to be discovered for his powers and controls.

Therefore, you'll never see that gods of Hindus are even able to control cows and allow them to witness name of even one god of Hindus (forget about 36 crore gods).

If there are truly such gods then why were they not able to stop Allah the God of Islam from controlling this cow?

And even this cow also witnessing name of Allah.

And what about this another one?

So where were 36 crore (360 million) gods or even one god of Hinduism religion as well as all gods of non-Muslims when Allah controlled these cows and commanded them to speak and witness only the name of Allah?

These cows are practical proofs that cows are Muslims too and only Allah is the creator of cows and the universe.

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