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Do we worship God or his name?

Written by Zeeshan Arshad

Majority of mankind worship only man-made invented names, not God.

They were names invented by human beings centuries ago and then claimed to be God.

Muslims worship ALLAH (Arabic: اللہ) the creator of universe who was never dependent on human beings for creating the creatures of universe.

He created entire universe by Himself and He practically demonstrated his real name through his own created neutral creatures in the universe through nature in the 21st century.

This puppy is witnessing his name


This cow is witnessing his name


This rooster is witnessing his name


He the one and only wrote and signed his name and the name of his last prophet on this bird.

Allah (Arabic: اللہ)
Muhammad (Arabic: محمد)

 Therefore, according to what he practically demonstrated by his own power and control indicated to me clearly without any doubt and beyond magic that
There is no God Except ALLAH (اللہ)
Muhammad ﷺ is His Last Prophet Forever
So do you worship Allah or man-made names of imaginary gods?

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