03/07/2021     931

We Should Stop Worship All Imaginary Gods for Peace in the World

Written by Moulana Abrar Alam

If there was concept of only one God in the world, as all religious books say, there would be no great wars between human beings in this world, which is the real cause of poverty, illiteracy and the destruction of innocent human beings in this world.

The concept of many gods in the world is the basis of all important problems among human beings.

The real and practical solution to solve important and major problems of all human beings in the world is that we all human beings should believe in the existence of only one true God Allah (Arabic: اللہ) and worship and serve only Him.

We must abandon all false and imaginary gods and not worship them because Nature obeys only Allah the God of Islam and does not obey the gods of non-Muslims.

If you agree with me, kindly contact me and work for the benefit of humanity.

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