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Why Didn't Hindu Gods Save Any Hindu from Burning in Fire?

Written by Moulana Abrar Alam

When Muslims bury dead dead bodies of Muslims in the ground and hand them over to their God “Allah”“, He saves the dead bodies of good Muslims from rotting in their graves.

But if the gods of Hindus are different, why did their gods not save the dead body of any Hindu from being burnt till now? Or why not save?

Can any Hindu claim that his God will save the dead body of any righteous Hindu from burning in the future? No, not at all.

But I claim that the God of Muslims “Allah” will continue to protect the dead bodies of His righteous Muslims in the future.

Is there any Hindu who will accept my challenge? No, not at all and never.

The reason for this is that in Holy Quran 3:91 it is claimed that He will always punish the dead bodies of disbelievers and rot them and according to Holy Quran 3:169, God of Muslims has claimed that He will protect the dead bodies of His righteous servants from decay by giving them esoteric nourishment.

No Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Christian, Sikh, Jain, Qadiani or Shia in the world can ever dare to challenge my above claims and it is my prediction that no one can ever disprove my above claims.

The aforementioned research proves that by not eating the dead bodies of good Muslims, nature soil proved that only Islam is the true religion in the eyes of God, while other religions are abrogated or void because nature does not protect the corpse of any of them from decaying.

Hindus do not bury their bodies in graves, but put them inside logs, sprinkle ghee and oil on them and set them on fire in a heartless and brutal way, although after death, people deserve more respect and love, but their minds are occupied by devils and take away the compassion from them.

In any case, the natural fire has given its testimony by not saving any of the dead bodies of Hindus from burning, and has proved the truth of the above claim of the Holy Quran that Hindu people go to torment after death. Therefore, the dead body of none of them is safe from burning.

Regarding the subject of burning, let me tell you that according to Holy Quran 21:69, Allah saved a living person, Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) from burning in the fire of Nimrod. While even today no unbeliever can practically prove that any of them can be saved from burning in the fire by their gods against the Muslims.

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