07/22/2012     10386

Challenge of Fire Immunity without Chemicals to All non-Muslims

Written by Moulana Abrar Alam

By the mercy of Almighty Allah, I challenge to all non-Muslims who are Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Zoroaster, Buddhist and those who are followers of any other religion that they bring any one person from them who cannot burn in fire without used any chemicals on the body if they say that their religion is right and true because the fire is a nature and it only obeys its creator who created this universe.

If anyone from any religion will not burn in fire then it will be a clear proof that his/her religion is right and true but if they cannot bring any person from any religion then it will be a proof that all those religions are wrong, cancelled or incomplete near the lord who created this universe.

If non-Muslims demand that we Muslim bring any Muslim who cannot burn in fire then we will do so on the condition that non-Muslims will accept Islam by heart that it is a true and rightful religion.

But if non-Muslims do not bring any person from their religions and do not demand from Muslims, then it will be another proof that non-Muslims surely know that their religion is wrong and religion Islam is surely true and right.

So I request to all non-Muslim followers that if they fail in it then they should exit from their religion and enter in religion Islam otherwise they will go to hell forever.

Update: It is clear that the fire is a nature and does not lie or cheat. So we make it our neutral judge. Gather all your Non-Muslims Religious or Spiritual or Magical Masters and I will be only ONE from Muslims to enter in a big fire without using any chemicals on our bodies in front of world media. If your thinking and beliefs are true, you should be saved from burning and I will be burnt. If my thinking and beliefs are true then I will be immune to fire and all you will be burnt.

It is perfect test by nature because a neutral judge is necessary between us as in court between two groups. If you are ready then contact me otherwise think about it that a human is challenging 5.5 Billion Non-Muslims of the world. 

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