The Nature is Clearly Indicating the Name of King, Creator and God of Nature

The nature is indicating clearly that King, Creator and God of this universe and mankind is only Allah "الله".


Now it is our responsibility that we all human beings correct our thinking and accept Allah as a real God Creator that we can be saved from Hell hereafter or reject Him and get punished after death in hereafter.


Creatures of Natures (100% neutral) are only in favor of God of Islam Allah "اللہ".


Please see that how the Bulls and Cows are repeating the name of Allah only.



You cannot bring any video of any Bulls or Cows who are saying any names of any Gods of Non-Muslims.


So there is no any God except Almighty Allah (اللہ ).


Hindus say that God is in every thing. If so then only God of Muslims is in everything because Newborn Human Babies, Lions, Cows, Bulls, Dogs, Cats, Rooster, Crows, Peacock say the name of Allah only. Any ones from them doesn't say any names of any Gods of Non-Muslims.


Name of Allah (Arabic: اللّٰه) by Newborn Babies


Name of Allah (Arabic: اللّٰه) by Puppies


Name of Allah (Arabic: اللّٰه) by Roosters / Chickens


Name of Allah (Arabic: اللّٰه) by Lions


Name of Allah (Arabic: اللّٰه) by Crows


Name of Allah (Arabic: اللّٰه) by Peacocks


According to Hindus the cows and Bulls are also their Gods. If so, then Hindus should also say the name of "Allah" with their tongues because their Gods Cows and Bulls, their mothers and fathers are saying the name of Allah with their tongues clearly.


Why the natures are not in favor of your Shakti Devi?


Why any Newborn Human Babies, Cows, Bulls, Lions, Roosters doesn't say the name of your any Gods?


Why they all say name of Allah only?


Why your any Gods don't stop these natures from saying of name of only Allah?


We can't establish peace in world permanently and we can't finish the poverty and illiteracy from the world until majority of us believe in only one God "Allah" because the presence of concept of many Gods is basic reason for wars and wars are reason for all major problems of the mankind.

Date Published: Apr 03, 2021

Moulana Abrar Alam

Moulana Abrar Alam

Moulana Abrar Alam is the 21st century researcher, author of three urdu books, healer of magic & satan and Founder of the Hajira Spiritual Treatment Center. Abrar has been curnig the incurable patients for the last 20 years through his prayers, Islamic charity, worship and almsgiving by the Power of Allah. Abrar writes and speaks on gods, religions, peace, poverty and solutions for mankind. As an allegiance to Mufti Taqi Usmani, a leading scholar of Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic finance, Abrar is a well experienced Muslim scholar of Quran and Hadith. He has appeared on Interview by Legendary Freelancer of Pakistan.

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