ZamZam the Only True Holy and Spiritual Water

ZamZam water is colorless and odorless. ZamZam is a unique holy water and that is why it attracts attention of both Muslims and Non-Muslims.

There is no holy water for Non-Muslims in world with qualities like the holy water of ZamZam for Muslims in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

So, if Islam is not a true religion, then:

  1. Who gave spiritual quality to this water?

  2. Why Non-Muslims do not have any holy water in world like ZamZam?

  3. Is there any spiritual water that can compete with quality of ZamZam water?

"There a several other religions that have their own holy water but there are none that have what can be described as 'miraculous' properties. As a Muslim this is one of many proofs of Islam to me.", said by "Hassan Ismail" on Quora.

Research on ZamZam by a Water Specialist (Japanese)

Check the research done by Masaru Emoto (Non-Muslim) to help understand what makes ZamZam so special.

Also See: The Japanese Scientist's Discoveries of the Secrets of ZamZam Water

ZamZam Water vs. Other Water

The difference between ZamZam water and other water (city water) was in the quantity of calcium and magnesium salts. The content of these was slightly higher in ZamZam water. This may be why this water refreshes tired hajis, but more significantly, the water contained fluorides that have an effective germicidal action.

In fact, the more you explore, the more wonders surface and you find yourself believing implicitly in the miracles of this water that God bestowed as a gift on the faithful coming from far and wide to the desert land for pilgrimage. 

Know the Genuine and Fake

Genuine ZamZam water comes from a sacred well in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It is illegal to export the water or to sell it commercially, therefore any water outside Saudi Arabia which claims to be ZamZam water should be treated with suspicion. ~ News Source

Features of ZamZam Water

Let me sum up some of the features of ZamZam water. This well has never dried up in over 4000 years. On the contrary it has always fulfilled the demand for water. It has always maintained the same salt composition and taste ever since it came into existence. Its portability has always been universally recognized as pilgrims from all over the world visit Ka'aba every year for Hajj and Umrah, but has never complained about it. Instead, they have always enjoyed the water that refreshes them.

ZamZam water's appeal has always been universal. This water has never been chemically treated or chlorinated, as is the case with water pumped into the cities. Biological growth and vegetation usually takes place in most wells. This makes the water unpalatable owing to the growth of algae causing taste and odour problems. But in the case of the ZamZam water well is that there wasn't any sign of biological growth.

Centuries ago, Hagar (raa) searched desperately for water in the hills of Safa and Marwa to give to her newly born son Ismail (pbuh) as she ran from one place to another in search of water, her child rubbed his feet against the sand. A pool of water surfaced, and by the grace of God, shaped itself into a well which came to be called ZamZam water. This is a miracle in itself, as well as the recent scientific findings.

Location of Well of ZamZam

The Well of ZamZam (or the ZamZam Well, or just ZamZam; Arabic: زمزم) is a well located within the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 20 meters (66 ft) east of the Kaaba, the holiest place in Islam.

History of ZamZam

Islamic history states that ZamZam Well was revealed to Hajar, the wife of Ibrahim and mother of Ishmael, around the year 2000 BC.

According to Islamic tradition, she was desperately seeking water for her infant son, but could find none, as Makkah is located in a hot dry valley with few other sources of water. Hajar ran several times back and forth in the scorching heat between the two hills of Safa and Marwah, looking for water, versions of the story say that the water just suddenly appeared at the feet of Ishmael.

The story of Hajar and the divine origin of the ZamZam Well is commemorated in the Islamic rites of pilgrimage, the Umrah and the Hajj. Like Hajar, male pilgrims are required to run or jog (women walk) between the hills of Safa and Marwa seven times, and then drink from the water of ZamZam.


There is no holy water in whole world like qualities of ZamZam of Islam. So, it is 100% natural, neutral, observable and irrefutable proof on truth of Islam.

If Allah is not God of universe, Muhammad (peace be upon him) is not last and true prophet of Him, Quran is not holy book and words of Him, then why other claimed gods and other followers of other religions do not have any true holy water like the holy ZamZam water?

The reality is that all religions except religion Islam had been cancelled.

So, bring the holy water from your religion with better or at least equal qualities of holy ZamZam water in Islam, and we (Muslims) will accept existence of your God, truth of your beliefs and religions.

And, if you fail to bring holy water like ZamZam, then will you accept the truth of Islam and enter in it?

Date Published: Aug 27, 2017

Zeeshan Arshad

Zeeshan Arshad

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