$1,000,000 - One Million Dollar Challenge to Atheists and non-Muslims

Author: Muslim Man     3890     01/02/2016

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This is a serious challenge. Do not challenge in any court of the world unless you are serious or you will have to pay back if you lose. We, in all sincerity, issue this challenge to all Atheists and non-Muslims of the world.

::: Refute and Defeat our Proofs In Any Court of the World :::
For any Non-Muslim who will refute our natural proofs that the dead bodies of true Muslims do not remain in fresh condition with fresh blood, we will reward him/her $1,000,000 dollars and accept that religion, become preacher of that religion and announce it through media OR, you will reward us back $1,000,000 if you failed to refute our proofs and evidence.

::: Short Summary of Our Research :::
According to our research based on:

- Research in graveyards by meeting gravediggers
- Meeting and interview with eyewitness people
- Published news on TV channels and newspapers
- And several other methods

These are certainly and clearly millions of fresh dead bodies with fresh blood of true Muslims in their graves since centuries. Not only this, but the dead bodies of all Prophets of Islam including prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all), Companions of prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Muslim saints and true Muslims are also in fresh condition and many of them have fresh blood in them.

Unlike incorruptible dead bodies (which are not flexible, not having fresh blood, manual intervention by human) claimed by Catholic, Buddhists and in some other religions, dead bodies of true Muslims remain in fresh condition with fresh blood after death without machine, without chemicals, without embalming, without mummification, without medical trick and without intervention by any human. This protection is purely by the nature that obeys order of its creator the Almighty Allah.

::: Where You Can Watch/Study About These Events? :::

::: Supported Proofs by Quran and Hadiths :::

Holy Quran, Surah 2, Verse 154

And do not say of those who are slain in the way of Allah that they are dead. Instead, they are alive, but you do not perceive. 

Holy Quran, Surah 3, Verse 169-171

And think not of those, who are slain in the way of Allah, as dead, rather, they are alive with their lord, well provided.

They rejoice in these (blessings of eternal life) that Allah has conferred on them of His bounty, and they also feel pleased (on finding) their successors (on the path of faith and obedience) who have not (yet) joined them, for they shall also have neither any fear nor any grief.

They are filled with joy owing to the blessing (of divine disclosures of the nearness) of Allah and His bounty (i.e., the pleasures of meeting with Him), and (also) because Allah does not waste the reward of the believers.

Nayl al-Awtar, Volume 003, Page No. 82

Qadhi Shawkawni writes: "In the Qur'an it is mentioned that martyrs are alive and food is provided for them. The Prophets and righteous people are a lot higher in status than them so what will be their place? It has been proven through Ahadith that Prophets are alive in their graves. Both Imam at-Tirmidhi and Imam al-Bayhaqi have said that these are authentic Ahadith"

Sunan Ibn Maja, Volume 001: Hadith Number 1626

Narated By Aws bin Aws:
The Apostle of Allah said: Among the most excellent of your days is Friday; On it Adam was created; On it shall be the Nafakhah(Sur); on it all creation will be swoon. So send a great dealing of blessing upon me on this day, for your blessings will be presented to me. . They (the Companions) asked: Apostle of Allah, how can our blessing be submitted to you, when your body is decayed? He said: Allah has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of the Prophets.

Sunan Ibn Maja, Volume 001: Hadith Number 1627

Narrated on the authority of Abu Darda:
Allah’s Messenger said, “Invoke many blessings on me on Friday for it is witnessed. The angels are present on it, and no one will invoke a blessing on me without his blessing being submitted to me till he stops.” I asked whether that applied also after his death, and he replied, “Allah has prohibited the Earth from consuming the bodies of the prophets; so Allah’s prophet is alive and given provision. 

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