Fresh Dead Bodies of 2 Companions of Prophet Muhammad in Iraq

Author: Legend Muhammad Zeeshan Arshad     199553     04/04/2010

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It is law of nature defined by Allah that all dead bodies decompose (or corrupt as a punishment sign) except true Muslims. And, there are hundreds of evidences and proofs that the dead bodies of prophets of Islam, companions of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and true Muslims have been found in fresh condition with blood and fragrance when their graves opened after centuries and several years.

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The Event Detail:

In 1932 A.D (or 1929 by some reports) the ruling King of Iraq Shah Faisal dreamt that he was being addressed by Hazrat Hudhaifa al-Yamani (ra), who said:

'O King! Transfer Jabir ibn Abdullah and me from the bank of river Tigris and bury us at some safe place because my grave is already water-logged, (full of water) while Jabir ibn Abdullah's grave is slowly getting water-logged.'

This dream was repeated again the next night but King Faisal did not pay attention to it on account of his pre-occupation with state affairs. On the third night Hazrat Hudhaifa al-Yamani (ra) was seen in the dream by the grand Mufti of Iraq. Hazrat Hudhaifa al-Yamani (ra) said to grand Mufti: 'I have been directing king since two nights to transfer our bodies but he has not paid any heed. Tell him emphatically to arrange for the transfer of our graves!'

King Faisal, his Prime Minister and Grand Mufti decided to carry out this work after discussing this matter. It was decided that Grand Mufti should issue a fatwa (religious ruling) on this matter and the Prime Minister will issue statement to the press, so that public may know about this great event. It was declared that on 10th Zulhijjah after noon prayers the graves shall be opened and the holy bodies shall be transferred to another place.

As it was Hajj season, pilgrims had gathered in Makkah. They requested King Faisal to postpone the event for a few days so that they all could attend the event after performing the Hajj. Hence, the King postponed this event to 20th Zulhijjah.

After noon prayers, on 20th Zulhijjah 1351 A.H. a large number of Muslims and non-Muslims gathered in Baghdad, and the city was heavily crowded. First when the grave of Hazrat Hudhaifa al-Yamani (ra) was opened water was fond inside. The body was lifted with a crane in such a way that it safely came on a stretcher. Then the stretcher was lifted by the King, the Grand Mufti, the Prime Minister and Prince Farooq of Egypt and brought to a glass coffin box made especially to keep the holy bodies. The body of Hazrat Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansari (ra) was also transferred to the glass box in the same scrupulous manner.

The most marvelous spectacle was now seen by the huge crowd that had gathered to witness this great event. Both the holy bodies of these true companions (Sahabah) of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) were fresh and intact while their open eyes issued forth such divine light that the spectator's eyes were dazzled. Furthermore, their coffin, clothes were also intact and at first glance, it appeared as if these heroes of Islam were alive. The two bodies were then taken away and buried afresh near the grave of another great hero of Islam, Hazrat Salman-e-Farsi (ra), in Salman Park which is 30 miles from Baghdad. This miracle amazed the scientists, philosophers and doctors. They were all bewildered and spellbound to witness this great miracle.

A German physiologist who had been showing a lot of interest in this was so impressed by the conditions of the bodies, which were buried for more than a thousand years, that he immediately came to the Grand Mufti, held up his hands and said, 'What more evidence can there be in support of Islam. I embrace Islam so teach me about it!'. Thus before thousands of people this German doctor became a Muslim. His example was followed by many Christians and Jews and for a long time it continued in Baghdad and a large number of people became Muslims as a result of this miracle.

Now let us all sit-back and think over this event and derive a lesson from this miracle. Pondering over such events is potent food for the mind and serves as an eye-opener to humanity.

Event Confirmation / Publication Sources:

Daily Jung, 7th June 1970 (newspaper)

I came to know that some of the material was published in a Pakistani newspaper, 'Daily Jung' on 7th June 1970. However, I couldn't find about it on the internet. Perhaps, if someone further research in old records then it could be possible to get some clues.

Khairullah Hadeesi (the Direct of Public Relations, Iraq)

Khairullah Hadeesi (the director of public relations punctuation in Iraq) told about this event to Respected Mufti Taqi Usmani (a famous Muslim scholar of Pakistan) when he met him.

Mufti Taqi Usmani wrote about this discussion in his book 'Jahan-e-Deedah' on page no 55.

Shah Sahab (the Eyewitness who Kissed Sahabi Forhead)

Suhail Ahmad Shah Jeelani from Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan telephoned me (writer) on 17th September, 2013. He talked to me and confirmed that he met the eyewitness of this event named "Shah Sahab" from Sialkot, Pakistan whose age is more than 100 years. Shah Sahab was also in Iraq on the time of event and he kissed the forehead of companion of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). 

Daily Ummat, 19th September, 2013 (newspaper)

An interesting incident happened right after a day of my discussion with "Suhail Ahmad Shah Jeelani". This event was published in Pakistani newspaper, 'Daily Ummat' on 19th September, 2013.

Ilm Seeker (the Person with Original Video)

During research, I (writer) found an elder whose age was more than 70 years. His nickname was 'Ilm Seeker' and he told me that there are only few people in the world who have the original video of sahaba event and he is one of them. 

I insisted him for video and explained mission of prevailing Islam and he said that he will ask permission from his spiritual teacher before deciding it.

However, he never replied back to any of my future messages and did not provide original video. Allah knows better whether he was truthful or did lie to me.

Beside above, I found information about few more eyewitnesses but I couldn't get their contact details or responses. Therefore, I did not mention about them.

It is a fact that this event is going about a century old so I consider that majority of eyewitnesses must have died by now.

However, we can know by all evidences that this event truly happened in the past.

Are you an eyewitness or know anyone related to this event?

If you are an eyewitness or know someone who is an eyewitness of this event then kindly contact us. Also, if you have any further photos or the rarest video of this event then please contact us.

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