Apologetics Dialogues

All of these dialogues are real. They have taken place on platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Quora, YouTube and some other places. We also encountered removal of our questions, posts and accounts when Non-Muslims were unable to refute us.

With Christians

A Catholic (Cathy Hmouda) got defeated by Fire challenge

A Catholic (Cathy Hmouda) got defeated by Muslim fresh dead bodies

An intransigent Non-Muslim who didn't even bother to check evidences

See how a christan discuss with a Muslim and how he became fail

With Hindus

A Hindu (Kapil Bohra) failed to prove his claim on physical and spiritual powers after death against Muslim martyrs

Discussion with two Hindus who couldn't bring any proof on their incarnation belief

With Muslims

A Muslim was afraid of our Sun-rise challenge to Non-Muslims

Miscellaneous Discussions

A Non-Muslim (Jacobar) failed against Muslim Surgeon Soul "Shah Yaqeeq Baba"

A Non-Muslim (Bill Otto) accepted DEAD Non-Muslim cannot do medical surgeries

The wise Non-Muslim ever encountered in favor of fresh dead bodies

Why gods of non-muslims cannot keep their dead bodies alive?