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Founded in 2009, RightfulReligion continues to be the preeminent resource for natural research on truth of religions. RightfulReligion maintains irrefutable, perceptible and natural proofs on one true and natural religion which proved to be only the Islam.

Declaration of Principles

  • We provide the truth of our thinking, logic, God, beliefs, religious book and lifestyle by Natures like the Earth, the Fire, the Air and the Water, etc.
  • We love human beings sincerely and therefore we guide to the right and complete path of real God who is only the God of Islam

RightfulReligion Team

Moulana Abrar Alam:

A neutral Muslim scholar, Writer, and Spiritual Master who can treat any kind of disease, cancer, Hiv/aids, malaria, paralysis or others for medical disappointed patients from anywhere in the world and all other kind of problems of human beings.


  • Fazil-e-Wifaqul Madaris Al Arabia Multan Pakistan
  • Fazil-e-Jamia Darul Uloom Korangi Karachi Pakistan
  • Fazil-e-Arabic Secondary Board of Karachi Pakistan
  • M.A. Arabic Karachi University Karachi Pakistan

Writer of three books in Urdu language:

  • Quran aur Shaitan
  • Ahadees aur Shaitan
  • Islam aur Jadu

Muhammad Nuh:

A neutral Muslim Thinker, Writer and Researcher on God & Religions.

Disclaimer: We do not belong to any political, religious and terrorist group. We do not have any political, religious and terrorist group. We are not involved in any kind of terrorism activities because we are naturally against of all these and working for the benefits of humanity.


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