About Us

Rightful Religion was founded in 2009 by Moulana Abrar Alam & Zeeshan Arshad, continues to be the preeminent resource for the truth of all religions of the world through nature and behaviors of nature. Rightful Religion maintains observable, irrefutable, impartial, perceptible, neutral and natural evidences beyond religious books and sayings of religious leaders & their followers.

Story Behind Starting RightfulReligion.com

This website originated when we launched an investigation into nature in search of the true God.

We heard that there is someone who couldn't burn after death. We went in search of that person but found out that the news was not true, but at the same time, we were told that after-death some news about fresh bodies occur time to time.

With curiosity, our exploration changed and we started investigating the cemeteries and meet gravediggers, which led to the creation of this platform.

Declaration of Principles:

Moulana Abrar Alam:

A neutral Muslim scholar, author, and spiritual healer from Pakistan who can help with religious questions, mindset confusions and mental health issues.

He can also cure incurable diseases such as corona virus, cancer, HIV / AIDS, brain damage, congenital blindness, paralysis, asthma, diabetes, thalassemia, physical disability, etc. from home by the Power & Command of Allah, without any physical travel required.

Education and Highlights:

Zeeshan Arshad:

A neutral Muslim thinker, writer and researcher on gods and religions through Nature in the light of practical proofs. He is a multi-talented Muslim Man with God-gifted abilities and transformational spiritual powers.

He can heal emotional childhood traumas, destroy limiting beliefs, dissect inner fears, provide mindset perspectives, give ideas & suggestions, bring mindset clarity and removal mental blocks through chat conversations from home by the Power & Command of Allah, without any physical travel required.

Background and Highlights:

Disclaimer: We do not belong to any political, religious and terrorist group. We do not have any political, religious and terrorist group. We are not involved in any kind of terrorism activities because we are naturally against of all these and working for the benefits of humanity.