How to Verify Fresh Dead Bodies?

All interviews on this site are true with eyewitnessed people and based on our research in cemeteries. We also mentioned true events of fresh dead bodies. If any team of medical doctors, researchers, scientists or religious scholars in the world want to check existence of fresh dead bodies, they are welcome!

We suggest various methods:

1. Cemeteries Research and Grave-Diggers:

Visit Muslim cemeteries and Non-Muslim cemeteries in your country OR travel through other cemeteries in the world and contact grave diggers who are serving there for many years, you will surely find eyewitness grave diggers of fresh dead bodies with fresh blood of True Muslims without chemicals, but you will not find any non-Muslim dead body in fresh condition with fresh blood without chemicals.

2. See Through-Wall Machine (Researcher/Army/Government):

You can use these machines to search through ANY graveyard of ANY cemetery in the world. Purchase “See-Through-Wall” machines Xaver or Prism 200 or any other product available in the market, then visit our recorded locations given in videos with complete addresses to check and verify existence of those dead bodies under the Earth.

3. Government of Saudi Arabia:

You can contact and ask government of Saudi Arabia about these true events happened where millions of people were eyewitness and man Non-Muslims doctors, researchers become Muslim when they saw this live miracle of Islam.

Fresh Dead Body of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): Two Jews were reaching to his grave in city "Madina" by digging through under ground passage to take out his dead body but the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) spiritually informed the present king of country "Nooruddin Zangi" via dream and showed their pictures too. After this they were checked by king and caught.

67 companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): There were millions of Muslims and Non-Muslims were eyewitness when 67 companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was transferred from several graves to one single big ground. You can ask and verify through government about this true event of a century ago.

Moulana Ashiq Elahi Merathi: In the Jannatul Baqee (which the holy cemetery of city "Madina" in Saudi Arabia), when his grave opened after three years by government of Saudi Arab the dead body was found in fresh condition. Then, again after three years they opened again to check if his dead body is still fresh or no? It was wonderful that his dead body was still in fresh condition.

4. Government of Iraq:

You can contact and ask government of Iraq about this true event happened where millions of people were eyewitness and they saw this live miracle of Islam.

2 Companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) were transferred from their graves to another places and thousand of Muslims and Non-Muslims were present there as eyewitness.

5. Government of Pakistan:

There have been several events of fresh dead bodies in Pakistan. Some of them were mentioned in news papers and television. We also researched in several graveyards of some cities of Pakistan that we recorded and mentioned in videos. Mufti Atiq-ur-Rahman, Qamarun-Nisa and many others in our website.

6. Contact Us (with Doctors, Researchers & Media Team): 

If you agree that you will accept religion Islam after your satisfaction that all dead bodies are real and protected by the Earth (by the order of Allah greatest) then we welcome religious scholars, researchers, scientists, medical experts and media of the world to see protected dead bodies of true Muslims and Muslim Martyrs with open eyes, touch by hands, verify and test with equipments and believe on it by Heart.

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