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How We Poor People of the World Can Finish Poverty

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     329     05/21/2019

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If majority of poor people of the world agree with religion "Islam" because presence of many religions in world is basic reason of big wars and wars are reason for poverty in majority of mankind of world.

According to my estimate about five billion Non-Muslims are living in the world. Among them three to four billion are poor people.

If four billion poor Non-Muslims embrace Islam then poverty can be finished permanently because Muslims will become six billion in the world as they are currently two billion only.

Non-Muslims will not desire big wars with Muslims when there will be about six billion Muslims in the world.

Money that is being spent on wars will be saved by their governments and leaders will be able to spend money for finishing poverty and help poor people.

So if four billion poor non-Muslims of the world want to get rid of poverty then they should enter in Islam as soon as they can. Otherwise there is no other way for finshing poverty permanently.

Furthermore, they will also be saved from painful punishment after their death too as it is said in Holy Quran, Chapter 2 verse 161-162, and in Chapter 3 verse 91.

Two practical proofs on it are fresh dead bodies of true Muslims and surgeon soul of a Muslim martyr.


Dead bodies of pious Muslims do not decay in intact condition in their graves or on the earth while dead bodies of all Non-Muslims decay in intact condition whethey they are in their graves or on the earth.


According to media reports souls of Prophets of Islam, Companions of last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Muslim Martyrs and Muslim saints work after death too and thousands of Non-Muslims go to their graves for getting the blessings of Almighty Allah through them because they are alive as it is said in Holy Quran, Chapter 2 verse 154 and in Chapter 3 verse 169-171.

For example

Soul of sunni Muslim martyr "Shah Yaqeeq Baba" has been healing incurable patients and also performing their medical operationss and postal address of his grave is Village Chohar Jamali, District Thatta, Province Sindh, Pakistan. 

But, there is no any media report that any dead Non-Muslim healing incurable patients and doing their medical operations. Non-Muslims don't go to graves of their dead Non-Muslims and stay there for several days and nights for getting the blessings of their Gods through them.

Now the question is why only in Islam?

Why not in other religions and beliefs like Atheism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Sikhism, Jainism, Parsiism, Shiaism and Qadyaniat etc?

It is because nature "Earth" only favors Islam of sunni Muslims as I've said above.

For more details you can study

Kindly preach this message to all poor Non-Muslims of world for serving the humanity through finishing the poverty permanently.

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