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Are Souls of Dead Non-Muslims Really Doing Medical Operations and Surgeries of Incurable Patients?

Author: Muhammad Nuh     247     05/02/2019

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Is there any soul of a dead Non-Muslim who is performing medical opreations and surgeries and reported by official media teams?

When I asked related question in an Atheist group then it resulted into some information along with a mute by admin atheist due to becoming helpless to counter my questions.

Let me share exprienece.

Here is what I posted in the group.

Here is one person who tried to share some resources for this question while the rest of most people were either attacking my question as nonsense, bullshit or asked me to provide evidnce of my claim -- I think I asked a question. Isn't it?

If you read marked line, he talked about faith healing by neglecting dead. Topic is clearly about dead Non-Muslim who is doing medical operations on his grave.

In another attempt, he provided following links with a claim that "question has been refuted a long time ago".

Was he successful in bringing a dead Non-Muslim performing medical operations and treating incurable patients?

Stay with me.

Let's check his provided links and see the reality of his understanding, common sense and truth of DEAD Non-Muslims and power of their souls.

1) Healing People:




RESULT:  You can check all videos and they are  invalid because they are alive people and question belongs to after-death.

2) Lady of Lourdes

This is not a grave and dead Non-Muslim.

According to my further research I found (Cathoic news agency)  following info.

Look at words I marked. It is not a grave and it is not about dead Non-Muslim.

It is a destination or place where some miracles or healings are reported to happen. 

Again, it is nothing special, such places exist in many religions.

With an skeptic eye, everything can be declared as good stories - yet it is an invalid answer.

RESULT: This news is related to "Lourde" and some miraculous events are reported. I didn't find anything regarding a dead Non-Muslim and his medical operations by him.

2) Voodoo in Benin

RESULT: It is invalid because they are alive priests who are involved with voodoo or prayers and question belongs to after-death.

2) Healing Touch

RESULT: Invalid article - an alive human, not dead.

3) Invalid Links

RESULT: Both links are broken or invalid.

4) Grave that Heals

Looks a bit identical to dead Non-Muslim with grave?

I asked about dead Non-Muslim who is doing medical operations - in other words soul of a dead Non-Muslim must be doing it all.

Sorry, soil, environment, water, air, surrounding, etc are not the topic at all.

RESULT: If you read above article carefully and then you'll realize it is also invalid. It is about "soil" from a grave.

4) Healing Grave of John

It is not an official news of any TV channel or newspaper. 

It is a post written by John Tierney.

It is about "prayer" according to written story.

So offering prayers is not the topic at all.

RESULT: It is not given anywhere that dead Non-Muslim did any medical operations or treatment. It is just an event of prayer and something happened which is nothing new and happens in many religions on various locations (Mosque, Mandir, Churches, etc).

5) Pio's Tomb

It is about a house - again an environment that was not my topic.

Following is very interesting information from this article which is beyond current topic but it validates one of old article regarding "Differences between Fresh Dead Bodies and Incorruptible Dead Bodies".

If you read my given article then you'll understand above marked lines.

It proved that dead bodies of Catholic saints decay and what they show on-display for public are just human intervented dead bodies. Even many Muslims don't believe that Muslim martyrs remain fresh without chemicals because they don't know truth of corrupt dead bodies in Catholic. They just watch some youtube videos, see images and assume that dead bodies of Catholics are real like alive dead bodies of Muslim martyrs.

RESULT: It is also invalid because there is nothing about soul of dead non-Muslim doing medical operations and surgeries. 


Mr. Mahdin Ul-Haque (who claimed that he has refuted the question) has been COMPLETELY FAILED.

It seems that he also doesn't know difference between claim vs question requiring an answer.

He provided bunch of random and irrelevant links, no official tv channels and newspaper reports.

I further realized after going through his provided links that he didn't even check and read them properly because they all resulted in making my case further strong about souls of dead Non-Muslims that there is no soul of any dead Non-Muslim who can do medical surgeries and opreations like soul of a Muslim martyr "Shah Aqeeq Baba" is doing and has official news reports coverage from several TV channels and newspapers in Pakistan (Muslims, Christians, Hindus, etc visit his grave).

If you are a Non-Muslim and you can provide official news reports of a country where soul of dead Non-Muslim is performing medical operations and surgeries of incurable patients and Hindus, Christians, Muslims, etc visit his grave for treatments then kindly contact and send us official news reports.


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