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Analysis of BBC News About Shah Yaqeeq's Surgeon Soul Against Lie of Non-Muslims

Author: Muhammad Nuh     292     04/26/2019

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Some Non-Muslims say that BBC News report about Muslim Surgeon Soul "Shah Yaqeeq Baba" is not about treatment of incurable diseases of patients. It is news report about beliefs of people about the shrine and BBC only reported that people believe such beliefs.

Here is my analysis of sections where treatment of diseases of patients were reported and those Non-Muslims lied (they actually don't even read news because it goes against their own beliefs of imaginary gods).

You can check BBC urdu news page here and use Google's translate for reading and understanding it in English (if incase you don't know Urdu language).

1) BBC Official News Report

The headline says "Surgeon Baba: Treatment through Spiritual Operation" and it was reported by Ryaz Suhail and listed on BBC since June 4, 2009. 

If it was false news about a Muslim's soul operations based on only beliefs of people then why were following events reported about actual patients?

1) Cured Cancer's Patient (Doctors Declared Incurable) 

Mismat Taufeeq was a cancer patient and declared incurable by medical doctors. Shah Yaqeeq ordered her in dream to come to shrine. Her health condition was like a skeleton due to cancer by the time she came on shrine. Shah Yaqeeq's soul cured her cancer.

So was it a belief reported in BBC news? Not at all. It was reported by a cancer patient cured by Muslim's surgeon soul.

2) Sugar Patient Cured

An old man Abdul Rahman had sugar that was cured. It appeared again but he has been staying at shrine for over 11 years and do not avoid any harmful food for sugar at all.

Comment: Do you know that sugar patient intakes medicines, avoid sweets and care about foods but this man is caring nothing, eating whatever foods and living at shrine even in old age?

So what will you Non-Muslims say now? Who controlled sugar's patient to enjoy any food that is not possible according to medical doctors?

3) Medical Doctors Failed to Diagnose Reason of Pain

A young fisher had hard pain in pait and doctors had failed to diagnose and treat it. He came to shrine of Shah Yaqeeq Baba and now feels much better.

Comment: Who healed his pain that was medically failed to be diagnosed? 

4) Magic Cured through Dream of a Denier

A woman was affected by black magic. She heard about Shah Yaqeeq's soul but never believed in it. She visited shrine and requested that if you (Soul of Shah Yaqeeq) really do treatments then call me from home. She was informed in dream to come. Her magic was cured and she was also told about who did it as well by Shah Yaqeeq's soul.

Comment: So this event was told to reporter by a woman who didn't believe in it until she practically visited shrine and went through personal experience.

5) Condition Changes on Shrine

Muhammad Shareef told about condition that goes bad at home but it becomes fine when visit the shrine of Shah Yaqeeq Baba.

Comment: Why condition becomes normal at shrine? Who makes it better?

6) Ordered in Dream to come to Shrine for Treatment

A father of a girl told about fever of her daughter that was not treatable by doctors. He was ordered in dream by Shah Yaqeeq to come on his shrine.

Comment: So how does soul of Shah Yaqeeq know about her daughter's fever and orderes to come? Who informed soul of Shah Yaqeeq about it?

All events are mentioned in BBC news report page and reported by patients and eyewitnesses.

So it is clear that those Non-Muslims lie who say that BBC reported that only people believe it and nothing is reported about treatment.

It is clear that soul of Shah Yaqeeq Baba actually cured diseases, treated patients and did medical operations at his shrine by the permission and power given to him by creator of universe who is Allah the God of Islam.

Since there are no gods except Allah and those gods are imaginary and generated by Non-Muslims thus there is no soul of any DEAD Non-Muslim in the world who can perform surgeries and medical operations of incurable patients.

This is an open and practical sign and evidence on truth of Islam and existence of Allah for wise people who are seeking the one true religion.


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