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Real Human is Soul, NOT Body

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     190     04/24/2019

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Every mankind has a human body and soul.

The real mankind is soul not body because body is like a dress for soul.

As every person uses his dress for a limited time and if the dress become unable to use he leaves that dress.

Similarly, if human body become unable to use, the soul leaves it by the permission of his God Creator.

After all the soul is real human being.

So if it leaves the body and body becomes dead body then there is no value of this person in society and people don't deal with this dead person.

So it has proved that important thing of every person is his soul, not body.

The body gets the energy by foods and water because it is made by the Earth.

The soul has made by light of God Creator Almighty Allah so it gets the power and energy by believing in Him and worshiping Him.

So those people who believe in Allah, obey His commands and worship Him, their souls get the power in this life and hereafter too.

However, if they don't believe in Him they don't have any powers after death.

There are several evidences and proofs on miracles of souls of dead Muslims in the world but why there is no practical proof on miracle of souls of dead Non-Muslims?

It is because they didn't believe in and accepted Allah as the one and only true God and they didn't worship Him according to teachings of Islam which was completed through prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

So who could give powers to souls of Non-Muslims?

Therefore there can never be any proof on powers of souls of dead Non-Muslims.

Thus there is no spiritual benefits from graves of Non-Muslims.

It is the reason Non-Muslims do not visit and stay at graves of Non-Muslims day and night for peace and satisfaction.

While not even Muslims but also Non-Muslims visit and stay at graves of Muslim martyrs and saints.


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