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Can Any Muslim Prove Three Claims Wrong?

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     10185     04/20/2019

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With the name of Allah, the all-merciful, the very merciful:

All human beings are brothers and sisters among them indirectly. Because they all are children of one father and mother indirectly:

According to Holy Quran Chapter 4 verse 1 all human beings are children of First man and first prophet Adam and his wife Hawa (pbut). So by this way all human beings at this time are brothers and sisters among them indirectly.

But according to Holy Quran Chapter 4 verse 150,150 those are disbelievers reality who disbelieve in Allah and His any messengers.

And according to Holy Quran Chapter 2 verse 161, 162 and Chapter 3 verse 91, all disbelievers go in painful punishment condition after their death.

And according to Islamic research this punishment includes their bodies and souls too.

So according to my common sense therefore the dead bodies of all Non-Muslims do not have any powers and they decay in intact condition and their souls also do not have any powers and any one from them can not show any Miracles or can not heal the incurable diseases while the dead bodies of true Muslims do not decay in intact condition and the souls of prophets, Sunni Muslim Martyrs and Sunni Muslim Saints has powers, they show Miracles and some of them heal the incurable diseases and do their medical operations too.

Comment: So is there any Muslims who can refute above verses? If not, and never not, then please struggle for saving your Non-Muslim brothers and sisters from the painful punishment after their death or help me for making them reverted to Islam by sending the practical and irrefutable proofs to them.


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