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Practical Proof that Gods of non-Muslims Do Not Exist

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     2119     12/19/2015

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I have defeated all god(s) of five billion non-Muslims of the world. If you don't believe on my claim then try to send your god(s) to me for spiritual fight. I challenge forever that any one from your god(s) cannot come to me.

Please try it once and you will find me true because there is no god(s) except Allah in whole universe who is alive.

Now, I ask you that why do you not send your god(s) to me if they are alive or if you have connection to your god(s)?

Your magicians, some religious and spiritual leaders show you satanic magic power to convince and prove that you have god(s) while you haven't any god(s).

Can any one from you prove that natures like Fire, Water, Earth and Air are under the control of your god(s) or can your god(s) bring changes in the natures? No, never!

Why the natures do not support and obey your god(s)?

Why do you worship the god(s) who haven't control on natures?

The real and only one God Almighty Allah of universe and Islam has all powers of controlling natures and nature obeys His commands.

Debate with me if you do not accept my above claims or bring your magicians, guru and pundits for a spiritual fight with me.


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