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Differences between Fresh Dead Bodies and Incorruptible Dead Bodies

Author: Muhammad Nuh     10158     03/04/2014

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This is not an imaginary phenomena. It is a proven fact and ground reality. 

Here are major differences after death on dead bodies of true Muslims and all Non-Muslims.

Dead Bodies of Non-Muslims

Dead Bodies of True Muslims

Not flexible like an alive humanFlexible like an alive human
Not fresh like an alive humanFresh like an alive human
No fresh blood insideFresh blood inside
Special environment requiredNo environment required (stay same under/above the earth)
Chemicals, Embalming or other methods usedNo chemical used
Human actions were used to show them like freshNature preserved them in fresh condition due to order of Allah. 

It is so common among Muslims that they consider it so normal while this is impossible to happen according to Atheists and Non-Muslims.

Yet they deny it without researching on it.

Wise people always do research for their satisfaction. 

So without ever doing your own research, if you believe after watching some youtube videos and study articles that incorruptible dead bodies in religions like Christianity, Buddhism, etc are truly fresh and flexible then beware that you have been totally trapped into manually modified corrupt dead bodies which somewhat look like real due to human intervention.


Non-Muslims use wax and preservatives in order to show the bodies of their leaders and saints as if they have been preserved by the power of God, and as if this is a divine message calling people to believe in Christianity or Judaism.

All of that comes under the heading of exaggeration and using emotion and deception, but the church cannot fool people who possess reason.


In Islam, it is never done by Muslims, no chemicals, no wax, no environment.

It is purely done by natures (Earth, Air) due to command of Allah who is one real God of universe and controls life & death.

Nature truly proved that beliefs and lifestyle of only religion Islam are 100% correct while all other religions, beliefs and lifestyles are 100% wrong and rejected near one true God Allah.

You can check here real fresh dead bodies, official media & news paper reports as well as verification methods and research suggestion.


Beside it, I have notified about this to many Non-Muslims newspapers, journalists, media channels, etc but they do not publish about it and hide from Non-Muslims. 

Further, I also informed teams of National Geographic and Discovery Channel but their researchers and team ignored our invitation.

I think one of the reason is that they don't want to reveal about fresh dead bodies of true Muslims openly to Non-Muslims which will result in proving truth of Islam.

Non-Muslims will never want this to happen at all because their traditional media mislead people against Islam.


So, if you are a non-Muslim then I sincerely request you to accept this neutral proof by nature and revert back to Islam because this is an irrefutable reality that none of any non-Muslim of the world can ever prove wrong in any court.

This is my open challenge forever to every Non-Muslim.

If you are doubtful then research yourself otherwise prove our research wrong. 

I will not only leave religion Islam but also award USD $10,000 to you if you can challenge and prove it wrong in a court.


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