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How We Can Solve Important Problems of All Human Beings

Author: Moulana Abrar Alam     5333     08/15/2013

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We can't establish peace in world forever, we can’t stop the bomb blast forever, we can’t stop the wars and atomic wars forever, we can’t finish the poverty from the world forever, we can’t finish the illiteracy from the world forever, and we can’t solve the other big and important problems of all human beings until we establish the only one true religions for all human beings and finish all other cancelled, incomplete or wrong religions from the world forever because the presence of many religions at a time in world is the reason of wars, poverty, illiteracy, destruction of human beings, etc.

For testing all religions we all human beings should invite all followers of all religions and demand from them to enter in a big fire without used any chemicals on their bodies in front of world media. The religion whose followers will be saved in fire, it will be 100% proof that the religion is true near the God who created this universe, but those religions whose followers will be not saved in fire, it will be 100% proof that those religions are cancelled, incomplete or false. This is the easiest way for testing all religions for choosing the true religion, for finishing the all other cancelled, incomplete or false religions, for solving the above world problems and for making this world like a Paradise.

I ensure that the true followers of religion Islam will be saved in fire by the mercy of Almighty Allah as the millions dead bodies of true Muslims are protected in their graves under the Earth since centuries and years in fresh and healthy condition without used any chemicals on their dead bodies, and I also ensure that the followers of all other religions will not enter in fire without used any chemicals on their bodies, but if they entered in it, they will not be saved in it because the Almighty Allah is not happy from them.

So, I request to all human beings (Muslims/Non-Muslims) who agree with our above solution please help us and arrange us a ground and millions kg wood in Karachi, Pakistan that we can have this fire demonstration program for testing all religions.

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