List of Blasphemers Against ALLAH and Prophet Muhammad

This is our new page to maintain record of blasphemers against Allah and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). On this page, you will find links of social network, links of websites, links of social media profiles, etc where blashpemers are working against Islam.

List of Blasphemers on Facebook:

* Blasphemy Groups:

Zanjeer Shikan:

Pakistani Freethinkers:

* Blasphemy Pages:



* Profiles (admins of groups / individuals)

Joan Bukhari: 

Saad Shani Hamdany:

Boota Masih:

Raja Singh:

Changez Khan Alamdar:

Awais Ali:

Zaryab Khan:

Nelly Hasan:

Ibrahim Qureshi:

Mikhail Shah:

List of Blasphemy Websites:

Registry Registrant ID: CR132992685
Registrant Name: Waseem Ahmed
Registrant Street: 410 East Hastings St
Registrant City: Toronto
Registrant State/Province: Ontario
Registrant Postal Code: V3N 2H5
Registrant Country: CA
Registrant Phone: +1.5144406141
Registrant Email:


Report Blasphemous to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

You can report Blasphemous URLs by email at and for other complaints please use the following methods:

Telephones: 0800-55055 (Toll Free Number), 051-9225325 (Fixed Line Number)
FAX: 051-2878127
Postal Mail / In person visitation: CPD, PTA Headquarters, Sector F- 5/1, Islamabad.

Double Standard of Blasphemers:

Certainly there are billions of Non-Muslims but they don't really insult Islam. However, there are millions of Non-Muslims (specially so-called Atheists) who love to deny existence of God (it doesn't matter as long as they deny) but more over many of them stike against Islam day and night. Such people have no humanity and do not respect and care Muslims at all. They intentionally insult Allah, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Quran and Islam so that common Muslims may do aggressive reaction that they (Atheists) will catch to claim that Muslims are terrorists.

In reality, such Atheists don't even bear even a single statement or a question that goes against their own ego. They want us to respect them but they don't want to respect us. This is unjustice, dishonesty, criminal act, against the humanity and worst than animal behavior. 

Disclaimer: We may also collect examples of blasphemy-based images, videos, etc which is just to show you with proofs regarding what exactly and how aggressive insult they are doing. We are in NO WAY responsible of any act by you (Muslims). You can use this information the way you want to use. We are also not responsible if you fall in doubts by reading their posts due to your lack of knowledge. (hint: You must learn and understand 100% observable proof on truth of Islam in relation to fresh dead bodies with blood of Muslim martyrs from our website to be strongly rooted in your faith.)

P.S.: Can you do us a quick favor? We'd like to share our proofs on social media for Non-Muslims. Can you share this, please?

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