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We collect and provide evidences on existence of one true God and his one true religion.


100 Lies, One Truth

All religions cannot be True!
All religions cannot be False!
One religion is 100% Rightful!

19 major religions are in the world. Out of them 7 religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism and Parsiism) are largest.

But, only the religion Islam is true and rightful religion while the rest have been cancelled and rejected by the God of universe.

Religious Growth

Islam: 30% (growing)
Christianity: 27% (dropping)
Unaffiliated: 16%
Hinduism: 15%
Buddhism: 7%
Other: 4.8%
Judaism: 0.2%

Intransigent Non-Muslims/Muslims

Millions of emails had been sent to Non-Muslims' TV Channels, Newspapers, Researchers, Scholars, Columnist, Journalists, Embassies, Universities, Colleges, etc including but not limited to United Nations, National Geographic, Discovery, BBC, CNN. Most of them ignored and become intransigent.

Muslims majority is careless about our proofs so they don't preach it. They believe to follow traditional preaching through books.